Anorex[st]ics Inaneymous 108

Anorex[st]ics Inaneymous 108

NATIONAL NOVEL WRITING MONTH HAS BEGUN! Dad and I went to a Countdown To Midnight part last night, where everyone gathers at a restaurant at 11 and counts down to midnight, amazingly enough. There is much consuming of caffeinated drinks (I myself consumed four cups of black tea). At midnight, a deathly silence falls, broken only by a stampede of ‘tikka tikka tikka tikka’ from keyboards.
The first fifteen minutes after midnight were a Word War- see who can write the most in 15 minutes. Once the time was up, people started calling out their numbers. 456, 568, 716… 966. Yeah, that was me. I don’t even know how I accomplished that many in fifteen minutes, that’s pretty much unheard-of for me, as it usually takes me two to three hours for me to accomplish the daily goal of 1667.
Anyway, I came away from that with 1402 words in one hour. That’s almost the full day’s amount! Woohoo!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… (Yeah. We’ll see how I feel during week two.)

Ciao for now!

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