2 thoughts on “Shadow of the Reapers: Chapter Fifteen

  1. I’m really(x’s a million) loving your story so far! One minor critique, tho. This chapter you refer to Azure as Jame, and thats kind of confusing(I was seriously tempted to go back a few chapters, but I’m a lazy reader, so I didnt. My theory that he was Azure was confirmed in the third to last paragraph of the chapter). Thats it, just something to consider. Oh! And are you considering publishing this on paper? Cuz I would love to buy a copy

  2. Thank you so much! Yeah, I know it can get very confusing when I refer to people by two names, but here’s how it works: Reapers have an alias that is used only when they are fighting (or when another Reaper doesn’t know their real name). Thus, Azure is Jame’s alias, Shadow is Sylis’, and Grace never actually picked/was assigned one.

    We are trying to figure something out as far as publishing on paper goes, but it’s a bit confusing. Any time I get an update, though, I post it on my Twitter feed or on Facebook, so you can stay in the loop.

    Thanks again!

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