Shameless bragging.

by the Mall Diva

The Baby Moose is 11 days old.  He is consistently a 10pm, 2am, 6am feeder. He eats like a piggy (seriously, snorts and everything, and he gained a gross weight of 1lb, 10oz during his first 7 days on earth), sleeps like a rock, and is perpetually charming. Plus he has tons of hair and inch-long eyelashes. Many women will be jealous, except Mommy, from whom he got them. He’s already started working out with Daddy (who is his jungle gym), climbing and grunting like a champ. He’s the most impressive thing our midwife has ever seen. And I think, after a 48-hour un-medicated labor, I deserve all these things.

Oh, and I’ve lost at least 25lbs.

Tune in next time for more shameless bragging!

7 thoughts on “Shameless bragging.

  1. 25 pounds in 11 days! Sounds like one of those diet scams. Too bad you can’t sell your secret.

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