The Half-Baked Cupcake…

…Is now fully baked. The new water-heater is in and happily pumping out hot water. The pool is going to be taken for a test-run today. The car seat will be installed imminently. The last baby-shower is on Sunday.

Hopefully I’m not forgetting anything.

6 thoughts on “The Half-Baked Cupcake…

  1. The ninja cow and zombie defense system is securely in place.

    Emergency stores of chocolate: running a little low.

  2. more chocolate. you can never have too much in stores.

    and shoes to throw at Ben when the contractions get stronger.

  3. Doesn’t duck tape figure in this somewhere, too? How can anyone do anything significant without some duck tape on hand?

  4. We did just duct tape some coverings down on the floor underneath the pool. That counts!

  5. For Mom: jello and sweet drinks of choice.

    For Dad: smelling salts and a barf bag/pail so he has somewhere else to lose his lunch besides the kiddie pool. Childbirth is a beautiful thing, but sometimes it makes a new daddy woozy in addition to weepy.

    (a friend of mine–really a friend, not me–recalls a situation when his first daughter was being born where the nurse said “you need to be here”, to which he nauseously responded “no, I need to go there”–five seconds before going there and throwing up)

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