10 thoughts on “Gentleman caller

  1. You know that it’s name is Thomas? Looks more like a Ferdinand to me.

  2. He could be the same guy that was on our block on 4-8. I wondered where he was off to. Ferdinand works for me.

  3. Finally, a suitor for Tiger Lilly that NW really could blow away with a shotgun! And he’s in season now, too!

    OK, not in town, but…. :^)

  4. Da Judge is kind of noisy, and I don’t know that .410 will pierce turkey feathers. The harpoon is silent but deadly; unfortunately I couldn’t induce him to come into the garage. The wild ones are smarter than the domesticated ones…or the jakes still in high school.

  5. every spring they tend to wander. my dad had one in his yard for several hours last weekend, as well.

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