A city in winter

by the Night Writer

The signs are that this bitter winter is drawing to a close. Not that the hard days didn’t have some beauty to them. I took these photos over the last couple of weeks with my cell phone camera as I was leaving work. I can’t seem to hold that camera steady, but I took the photos because I liked the quality of light.

A City in Winter, btw, is a great little book by Mark Helprin (not to be confused with his longer and more definitive epic book, Winter’s Tale) and part of an essential fantasy trilogy for young adults, especially those just developing their political sensibilities. The three books (Swan Lake and The Veil of Snows are the other two) are illustrated by Chris van Allsburg. Magical.

Nicollet Mall 2 small

Nicollet Mall 1 small

Nicollet Mall station small

4 thoughts on “A city in winter

  1. I’d like to see a pretty building one day. Yeah, *sniff* like that will ever happen. Poor me. Poor little rat who never gets to ogle architecture in the twilight mists of winter.

  2. Poor, poor Sly….

    Yearning for the things that she cannot have with little regard for the realities of life in the big city…..like, perhaps…PREDATORS just a notch higher in the food chain ! ! Cats, dogs, hobos who would relish the opportunity of enjoying a delicately roasted vermin on a stick…and don’t forget the occasional bubba who dearly loves his scoped varmint rifle!

    There. Now, doesn’t the archetecture of your finely crafted wire enclosed abode, safe and secure within the study walls of an urban fortress make you feel so much more secure???

    And to think we were told that rats were sooooo intelligent….

  3. Where’s that “edit” button???? That should have been ….within the sturdy walls of an urban fortress… ! ! !

  4. Fortress? This little cage couldn’t keep the French out. Though it keeps me in. How demeaning.

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