Oh, yummy

by the Night Writer

Debate Comes Down to Public Option

I know that people’s thoughts are beginning to turn toward the Thanksgiving table and that there is a temptation to refer to this healthcare bill as a “turkey.” Debating the public option is a stupefying misdirection. The idea that this reform can be made acceptable by simply eliminating the public option is disingenous and dangerous. This legislation is ptomaine with or without the public option.

Removing the public option from the healthcare “reform” bill is the equivalent of removing a fetid piece of lettuce from a crap sandwich.

And then telling us the crap sandwich is yams.

At least Mary Landrieu got some Cool Whip.

2 thoughts on “Oh, yummy

  1. Hey now! I’ve had some crap sandwiches in my time and if you can sorta’ muscle your way past the gagging reflex, all kinds of food possibilities open up.

  2. Any crap sandwich you’ve had, Sly, has been of your own making. This particular crap sandwich is one that will be delivered Jimmy John’s fast…and every day for life, and likely the life of future generations.

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