Arrr, and don’t ye be forgettin’

by the Night Writer

This Saturday, September 19 is the annual “Talk Like a Pirate Day” celebration, so get your “Arrrs,” “Aye-ayes”, “Avasts” and “Ahoys” ready to come across the bows of everyone you meet, and be sure to throw in some “Lubbers”, “Mateys” and “Bilge Rats” into your conversation (or blog) as well.

Too bad this day wasn’t scheduled earlier in the month. Then, instead of the things that have been reported in the news we could have heard the following:

From Serena Williams: “I’ll be firing this cannonball right into your bung-hole!”

From Kanye West: “I’ll be lettin’ you finish, but Beyonce’s got the best booty accordin’ to this sea dog.”

From Joe Wilson: “You ARRRRR a liar!”

One thought on “Arrr, and don’t ye be forgettin’

  1. Don’t forget that the original Vikings were pirates, so I tink it’s acceptable to talk like yer a “Fargo” extra, ya know.

    Yashure youbetcha, ver pirates.

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