The blog days of August

by the Night Writer

As the summer and its distractions goes on it seems that blogging vacations are often on the schedule. I know many prominent bloggers take the month off completely, and I’ve observed that posting often gets lighter on many of my favorites. While there have been years when I’ve taken August off myself, that is not my plan for this year. I figure I had a kind of blogging vacation in July when traveling abroad slowed down my post-a-day objective, and with the site just relaunched with a new look I want to keep this looking “lived-in” (though Tiger Lilly seems to be doing a good job of that!)

Real life and my Day Writer job have been a bit of a challenge for me since we got back from Spain, however. I’ve been kind of wiped out the last couple of weeks and by the time I get home and have a late supper the thought of logging some more computer time isn’t that motivating. The thing is, I’ve got some deep thoughts on several topics that I’d like to get out, but I keep falling into deep sleep instead. That’s  either fatigue or perhaps those thoughts aren’t really that interesting; I’d try to figure that out but right now I’m too tired.

I will take this opportunity, however, to note that a couple of my favorite bloggers have, sadly, turned out the lights at their original sites but have, happily, surfaced in new homes. KingDavid, the ever-vigilant sentry against the depredations of the Animal Kingdom Jihad and chronicler of attacks ranging from squirrels to sharks (and the occasional moonbat) shuttered The Far Wright without warning last week after three years. The good news is that he took a few days off and then opened his new place, KingDavid(s).  No, Dave hasn’t been overcome by Tiger Lilly’s use of parentheses in Anorex[st]ics Inaneymous, or forgotten how to use a possessive apostrophe. In his words:

This is simply a journal of our royal family—sharing all that is going in our lives with family and friends around the country.

At the same time, I’m going to be studying and sharing things that I’m learning about the life and times of the more well known King David, as well as focusing on the psalms of David.  I plan to focus on things historical, archaeological, poetic, artistic, yada-yada-yada, as they pertain to KD the First.

For  friends who followed my previous blog the last three years, I will be keeping a separate page that will still highlight my God given, somewhat warped, sense of humor that I believe you all came to appreciate.  I’ll try to pay particular attention to those types of postings that Tiger Lilly will look forward to.

It should be fun.

I am also the last to report that one of the most singular talents in the Minnesota Organization of Bloggers (MOB), Doug Williams of Bogus Gold (an anagram of “Doug’s Blog”), has given up the single life to join a now triumphant triumvirate over at Shot in the Dark. In his good-bye at Bogus Gold he offered the following prophecy:

It looks to me like the era of the small personality driven “boutique” blog, covering all the topics that may interest an individual blogger of no particular celebrity, is coming to an end.

I had to smile at the “boutique” reference: I’d used that word a little while back in a comment on his blog when he was considering either shutting down completely or joining a group blog. I’d urged him to keep going solo because I prefer reading personal blogs with a distinctive voice such as his to the clamor of group blogs, comparing it to preferring to go to a boutique store rather than the big-box retailer. Not that there’s anything wrong with Home Depot or group blogs; you can be pretty certain you’re going to find what your looking for there, but there’s nothing like walking into the corner hardware store with it’s more intimate aisles and the occasional quirky eccentricity that would never have gotten past a focus group. Still, Doug’s in with a good group that’s well-matched and not too large. He, and they, will do fine I’m sure.

So what of this little “boutique” blog right here? Well, whether personality-driven or simply driven by sleep-deprivation, I’m going to continue, albeit with the help of a few extra voices such as the ever-more-emerging Tiger Lilly (who may soon find this place too small for the two of us), the elusive Mall Diva and ol’ what’s-his-name that married her and has her too distracted to write. There has also been a promise from the Reverend Mother to post more things here, but she seems to be as easily distracted as her daughter.

Oh well, we’re all here even if we may go a day or two between posts occasionally. Feel free to drop by anytime.


Like sands through the hour-glass, so go the blogs of our lives. Apparently more consolidation is afoot as Mr. D has already changed the name of his blog to Mr. Dilettante’s Neightborhood in preparation for a couple of MOB transfers: Brad Carlson and … my son-in-law and serial blogger (Uncle Ben at Hammerswing; W.B. Picklesworth at Where Poetry Goes to Die;  Son@Night here). Ben hasn’t given me 30-days notice so I don’t know what his plans are — or if he’s cleared them with his wife.

6 thoughts on “The blog days of August

  1. Thanks NW. I don’t think it will be that much different than FarWright. I’m finding that the draw of things nonsensical is still strong, the ‘force’ is with me. It’s just that I’ve always had an affinity as well to KD the first, history, etc., but I’ll still add my twisted take on things.

    I didn’t open it up to search engines and the like this time. I didn’t care for getting in the trolls and people making comments who I didn’t know. This is just a blog family affair as far as I’m concerned.

    Since most of my good friends are on Facebook as well, I think I’m going to start posting more of the nonsensical stories there as well, i.e. the bull story I just did. If anyone who reads this is on Facebook, send me a friend request.

  2. Hayden, I’d rather like to be a T-Rex, but I’m afraid the short little arms would make it hard to reach the keyboard.

    Dang, does it feel like it’s getting colder to you?

  3. We’re still very early in negotiations here — don’t know what will happen. At this point the neighborhood includes four valuable additions: Benster, Fearless Maria, Stinger and the ever-popular Mrs. D. But there may be more….

  4. I am not just distracted by Ben, but by increased working hours and sparkly objects.

    And no, I haven’t heard anything about Ben’s supposed new blog digs. Hmmm…

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