Avast there, pirates!

by the Night Writer
I wonder what the carbon footprint is of killing enough trees to print a 1200+ page report, distributed to Congress, that no one reads?

Monday morning on Fox News Channel’s Fox and Friends, co-anchor Steve Doocy talked with Obama Administration Energy Czar Carol Browner (video):

STEVE DOOCY: “[I] know the bill is over 1,000 pages long. Have you have read it?”

CAROL BROWNER: “Oh, I’m very familiar with this bill.”

DOOCY: “Have you read it?”

BROWNER: “We have obviously been watching this for a very long time. I am very …”

DOOCY: “I’m sure you’ve got an idea of it, but you have read it?”

BROWNER: “I’ve read major portions of it, absolutely.”

DOOCY: “So the answer no you haven’t read it. But you’ve read a big chunk of it.”

BROWNER: “No, no, no that’s not fair. That’s absolutely not fair.”

DOOCY: “No, I’m just asking you if you read the thousand pages.”

BROWNER: “I’ve read vast portions of it.”

DOOCY: “Ok.”
— Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” 6/29/09

Vast portions? “Vast” as in some large conspiracy? Or maybe she meant “Vest” as in something they want to keep the actual details close to. If she had read 600 of the 1200 pages, would this be “half-vast”?

2 thoughts on “Avast there, pirates!

  1. In answer to your question, yes it would be half-vast. You naughty man. Say, bring home some Cheetos. This rat needs a snack.

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