“Just Manny being Manny” — but how about “Manly”?

Manny Ramirez of the Boston Team Manny has one laudatory skill: being able to hit a baseball. Perhaps he would benefit by checking out
Manival #14. It’s back “home” this week at the blog that launched the Manival carnival, The Art of Manliness. As usual there’s lots of good stuff and several different categories to explore, especially if you’re Manny Ramirez.

For example, check out Dr. Awesome for valuable advice and important rulings on what is or isn’t manly: this week’s topic concerns long hair. In addition, as the summer winds down and the play-offs draw near there’s still time to review a list of “Top 10 Summer Activites for Dad & Kids” from Discovering Dad. And if you’re into naming the “best” and “worst” of anything you’ll probably like “The Best Foods for Men” at Fat Man Unleashed (oh, Manny!) and “The Worst Karate Move I Ever Learned” at Martial Development (I wonder if this involves knocking down the club’s 60-year-old Traveling Secretary?).

There are also plenty of good posts for those of us non-All Stars who might still like to take our game to another level. This week I want to call special attention to two Manival articles: Monday Morning Amour over at A Good Husband. You should definitely read the other Manival entries as well, or — as Twins’ announcer John Gordon would say — “Touch ’em all!”

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