I’m still tired after spending the weekend trying to recover from the annual Millard Fillmore Memorial golf tournament (aka “The MILF”) last Friday where I was in the woods so much I think the tourney should be renamed “Lumberjack Days.” I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m now battling Lyme Disease.

Then there was my stepping up at the last minute at the post-MILF party to serve as a replacement “Master of Sausages” without first being able to perform the standard three day meditation and purification regimen that goes along with that. Fortunately I was able to pass through the flames without injury, but it was a very close thing and that will take something out of you.

I’ve also been devoting time to preparing the second lecture and homework assignment for this week’s “Are You Marriageable” class that I’m teaching, set for Wednesday night. Speaking of which, here’s an interesting link to a post over at The Art of Manliness on How to Ask a Woman’s Father For Her Hand in Marriage.

Maybe I’ll have enough energy to post something tonight after I finally get home. I first have to stop off and see Ben; he said there’s something he wanted to talk to me about.

Developing further…

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