Can I get an Amen?

I’m teaching this weekend at Inside Outfitters, so I’ve got to do some work on my message. As such, no posting tonight other than to let you know that Manival #8 is up and running over at The Man Page.

Some of this week’s contributions include a post on How to Have Toe-Curling Sex; Decreasing Your Likelihood of Being Hit by a Meteor; Golfing Your Way to a Promotion; and What Parenting Has Taught Me About Copywriting. There’s also a post from a blog called “Dad of Divas” that you just know I’m going to have to check out.

You should, too.

One thought on “Can I get an Amen?

  1. Thanks for visiting my site and for the comment…hope you like the post. I submitted one for the your manival as well… we’ll see what you think of that one.

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