Manival #7 is up

The 7th Manival is up and running this week at The Simple Marriage Project. There are four categories this week, and there are several very interesting sounding posts under each. The categories are Fatherhood/Parenting (which includes my own “Dad to the Bone” post), Marriage/Relationship, Recreation, and How-to Guides for Men.

I haven’t followed any of the links yet, but how can you resist titles such as “You Don’t Mess Around with Dad”, “The ‘I Don’t Want To’ Trap”, “Things You Don’t Scrimp On” and “7 Vital Characteristics of a Man”?

These past seven weeks have been very encouraging and enlightening for me as I’ve seen the depth and wisdom of men are pouring into the blogosphere. Just when you think the culture, and perhaps even yourself, have become totally self-indulgent and gratuitous you discover that there is a well-spring of wisdom, humor and a desire to serve if only you know where to look. I suggest you go take a look at the Manival series.

The previous Manivals can be found at the following links:

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