I’m so glad we had that time together

Actor and comedian Harvey Korman has passed away at the age of 81. I loved watching him and the gang on the old Carol Burnett Show, where he was recognized with four Emmys and a Golden Globe, and he had a memorable role in the funniest (imho) Mel Brooks film ever, Blazing Saddles as Hedy, I mean Hedley Lamarr.

As much as he could make me laugh, some of his funniest performances were in skits with the great Tim Conway where he did everything he could to keep himself from laughing. When I heard the news while driving home tonight that he had passed away, one classic scene came immediately to mind.

Thanks, Harvey.

2 thoughts on “I’m so glad we had that time together

  1. We will miss Harvey Korman and his comic genius.

    Harvey was a wonderful person who cared so much for people.

    Hollywood needs more guys like Harvey Korman!

  2. And just when I was about to put “Blazing Saddles” on the Netflix que just to see what I missed the first 23 times…..

    Rest In Peace Mr. Korman, congratulations for a job well done.

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