Signs of the apocalypse

Q: What do these three events have in common:

  • Golf on April 28.
  • Golf on May 13.
  • Softball on May 19.

A: At each event I wore three layers of clothing and gloves that had nothing to do with the sport at hand — and I still froze.

Also, this past weekend I went into Cub for few groceries. They had corn-on-the-cob for sale on a big table. In the past, in high season, you could buy a dozen ears here for $2; last year you could buy 8 for $2. Yesterday the price for bag-your-own, unshucked corn-on-the-cob was 5 ears for $3.

I’d say it’s time to cut back on the ethanol and kick-start that global-warming again.

4 thoughts on “Signs of the apocalypse

  1. Ah, it’s not yet high season for sweet corn in MN. If that’s the price you get in July and August then yes, the apocalypse will have arrived. Even Garrison Keillor will agree ethanol is a bad bargain since he’s written about how sweet corn is better than well, you know what.

  2. Agreed. I know it’s not the season for Minnesota corn, which means what we see in the stores now has to be trucked in (with high gas prices). Still, 5/$3 is amazing.

  3. Shoot, due to global warming, most sweet corn has barely been planted now. It’s been too cold…

    But if we want an example of the costs, well, let’s talk about whole wheat flour for about $4/bag that I was buying for 99 cents about a year back. Yeesh.

  4. A majority of the MN crop hasn’t even been planted until a couple days ago. I think 72% has been planted as of the last survey.

    Now I’m not a farmer, but I’m pretty sure corn has to be planted before it can be harvested. So ya know, give it a little time….a few days at least.

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