Black Friday

Katie is pulling the plug on Yucky Salad With Bones. Why? Well, like her header says, “for no good reason.”

I started this thing what, about 4 years ago, for no other reason than I thought it would be fun. I never paid any attention to how many hits I got, not because I’m some counterculture goth girl or anything, more due to the fact that other issues were more pressing, like the kitchen was on fire or a kid was hanging off a precarious ledge or something. Oh let’s see, the other day I got home from a run to find them all out in the front yard, trying to dislodge an arrow from a second story shutter by heaving various heavy objects at it. Hmm. Nothing like coming home to find the troops throwing rocks and footballs at the windows.

But I wanted to make a formal goodbye, so long and thanks for all the fish. Really, I can’t tell you how much I appreciated y’all reading.

Stay classy, San Diego.

Obviously the woman has issues, which is what made it such a fun blog to visit anyway, even if the name never made sense. But what did you expect from someone who’d name her kid Finbar? Still she made me laugh. Hard. So hard that peanut butter would come out of my nose, that’s how hard. Who now will give us those riveting, streams-of-subconscious reviews and endless paragraphs about the Oscars and American Idol, who will stand Culture Watch and bring back the report? People like me laugh easily in our homes at night because we want people like her on That Wall. There’s probably some Irish blessing to use in a time like this, something about ‘may the blogs rise up to meet you’ or ‘may you be in heaven 30 minutes before Technorati knows you’re dead’ but I’m not Irish, or Katie, so then Adieu and bonne chance to the Salad. Not that I’m French, either, but using those words saves me from having to type what I really want to say but don’t usually allow on this blog, which is “Damn.”

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