Man, oh man

I mentioned yesterday that I had had a post accepted into the first Manival. I didn’t realize how popular something like that can be, but by the time I went to bed last night I had received more than 500 visitors yesterday, the vast majority of them coming from the Manival or from StumbleOn links through the Manival. A quick check of today’s Site Meter shows it’s still turning over briskly. Wow!

Though I’ve blogged for more than three years I’ve never participated in a carnival, and I’m virtually ignorant of how services such as StumbleOn, Digg and similar other entities work. I think I need to get better informed!

3 thoughts on “Man, oh man

  1. Thanks Dan and Mr. D – be sure to offer up a post of your own for next week’s Manival. I think you can find the entree link either above in this post, or in the previous one.

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