Manning up

The Art of Manliness website today launched its first Manival, a carnival (collection of blogposts) focusing on various aspects of what it takes to be an honorable man. I first learned of the Manival while surfing Sunday night and saw that the deadline for submitting a post for consideration was yesterday. I quickly emailed a link to one of my posts that came immediately to mind, and learned today through a surge of traffic that I had been included.

Browsing through the Manival page I see many worthy and interesting posts such as “The Man’s Manual to Being Manly” and “Too Many Guys, Too Few Men” as well as tips on how to avoid creating additional housework for your wife and how to make your own moustache wax. I’d happily link them all, but I’d rather you go to the Manival page and browse and read for yourself.

I am honored to be among such august company and encouraged by the number of people engaged in such a worthy topic. I look forward to future Manivals, which appear to be scheduled for every Tuesday. Next week’s Manival is hosted by A Good Husband. Go to the site to get information or use the Manival submission form to submit a post of your own.

2 thoughts on “Manning up

  1. Thanks, “Husband” – I was pleased to visit your blog and see what you had to offer there. It’s great to see that people are taking the time and trouble to hold forth on these subjects in the face of this culture.

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