Cupcakes and Linky Love for my Foodies

So as of late I’ve acquired a new addiction. Cupcake blogs*.

It all started quite a while ago when I was on Surly Dave’s site, looking through his blogroll of cooks. I found one that I absolutely love! Its Simply Recipes Food and Cooking Blog, run by a lady named Elise who posts wonderful, user-friendly recipes. If I’m feeling down, instead of turning to food consumption for comfort, I turn to food blogs, complete with pictures! Yay! I even got a notebook and started putting together my own little cookbook with the recipes I find there, and so far all of them have been delicious.

From that site I found another, of course. These things just tend to escalate, don’t they? Anyway, the second site is Vanilla Garlic, run by one Garrett McCord, who has a thing for putting together interesting ingredient combinations and creating original cupcake recipes. So of course in his blogroll he has a category just for cupcake blogs, which of the eight listed I favorited, um… Actually, I would have favorited all of them, but one isn’t running anymore.

Perusing these cupcake blogs has been so inspiring, but it took me a little while to try my first batch of cupcakes. I finally did on Monday, and the results were so wonderful!! I was so impressed with myself! The recipe comes from How To Eat a Cupcake, which is a super-fun site. Go check it out! I ended up buying a second notebook just for cupcakes. I think I shall post a new cupcake blog site every week! Bwa-ha-ha-haaaaa!


So! Now you have something exciting to look forward to! Yay for you!

*Yes, there was reason behind the madness that was Benny’s blog background yesterday.

6 thoughts on “Cupcakes and Linky Love for my Foodies

  1. “So as of late I’ve acquired a new addiction. Cupcake blogs.”

    I believe that may be the first time in human history those words have been written.

  2. Jeff – we’re always looking to break new ground here at Night Writer HQ.

    The Diva’s addiction is a concern and we may have to schedule an intervention – but not until she makes a couple dozen more of those black-bottom cupcakes. Yum!

  3. So you have one daughter obsessed with cupcake blogs, another with ninja cows; have you been able to find any psychologists who’ll work pro bono?

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