While the parental units are out…

So last night, MD and I headed out for a movie (Spiderwick. It sucked. Read the books, and you’ll feel so much better), home to change into pajamas, them off again to Princess Flickerfeather’s house.

A bunch of MD’s friends were there. We’re sitting around playing Loaded Questions (awesome game), which took a long time. At about 10:45, everyone decides that they’re hungry. So we debate about ordering pizza, where to get it from, what to get, all that jazz. This is the ensuing conversation:

MD: Let’s get pizza!
Murmurs of assent
TL: What kind?
MD: Sausage with black olives. Mmmmmm.
Anna: No, I hate sausage. I’m ok with mushroom.
TL: Eww, yuck.
Donny: What are you on? You don’t eat beans, mushrooms… (Donny had previously made refried bean dip).
TL: I’m on the beanbag.
MD: How about a split pizza?
Ruth: We could get half sausage w/ black olives and half mushroom.
TL: Anna, do you like pepperoni?
Anna: Nope.
TL: Darn.
Ruth: How ’bout just cheese?
*Great enthusiasm.*
PFF: There’s a phone book in the kichen. Order from Domino’s.
*Anna is on the phone oredering pizza.*
PFF: Make sure to tell him the address is Summit Ave, South Saint Paul, otherwise he’ll go to St. Paul.
Anna: He’s like, ‘So St Paul, So St Paul. Hold on,’
MD: Haha! ‘There’s a South Saint Paul?’
Anna: Alright, he’ll be here in 40 minutes.
TL: 40 minutes?!
MD: I thought they had a 30 minute policy.
Donny: Or, you could just cancel that, and we could put in a frozen pizza.
Anna: Donny!!! Why didn’t you tell us?!
Donny: Well, it’s pepperoni!
Sam: They could’ve lived with it!
Anna: Yeah, I wouldn’t have minded!

So we decided to just live with the cheese pizza.

What seemed like a long while later:

TL: How long has it been?
Anna: About 15 minutes.

The pizza finally arrived at 11:35 and was greeted at the door by Sam and his beer stein hat. That hat was at least a foot and a half tall. I can only imagine what that pizza guy was thinking.

The pizza was almost instantly devoured.

We didn’t end up getting home until 12:something.

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