About that hole burning in my pocket…

Woot! Free money from the government!

Hmmm, wonder where they got it? Maybe someone accidentally left the printing presses on overnight at the Mint.

The proposed “stimulus” sounds kind of dubious to me. Kind of like pouring some Heet into your carburetor; you get a quick roar and a flash, maybe a puff of smoke from the engine and then it’s gone. If there isn’t any gas in the tank to begin with you’re not going anywhere.

It’s hard to believe $150 billion can disappear as quickly, and with as little effect, as moth pee evaporating off a light bulb, but a little extra one-time disposable income isn’t going to encourage people to save or invest, which is what’s really needed if you want to get the engine running again.

Oh, don’t worry, I’ll take the money, alright. And any leftover cheese if the government’s still got any. It’s just hard to think of what to spend it on as the value of the money is going to depreciate even as it’s still in the mail to me. I think the wise Reverend Mother, also known as “The Finance Minister” around our house hit on the best (if most ironic) use for the almost intangible money:

Buy gold.

One thought on “About that hole burning in my pocket…

  1. Yeah, mine is going towards the purchase of a brand new Swiss handgun, SIG P229.

    I figure it’s an appropriate purchase.

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