Greatest month ever

I was going back through my archives recently looking for a particular photo when I browsed through my August, 2005 posts. Typically I’m much more apt to wince than smile when I look at my previous writings, but I found fond memories in the various accounts from that month: stories of animal home invasions, a discussion on comparative religions, my funny adventures in the Emergency Room and subsequent dealings with the U.S. healthcare system, a Monty Python-inspired examination of the very unfunny British healthcare system, and perhaps my favorite (in terms of how much fun it was to write) post of all-time — a take-off on the Union-inspired absurdities of the Minnesota public education system. I had a couple of good (I think) political riffs and some pensive, personal posts that took me back to my mindset in those days.

It was a good month, perhaps even my best month of posting. I don’t like to go through the old stuff that much so I can’t really compare, but I did find this particular collection both inspirational and aspirational for me and my blogging future. I was only six months into blogging at that time and maybe just beginning to find or get comfortable with my “voice.” Sure, there’s some clinkers in there, but I’m not into revisionism; they’re all part of the record.

I’m in the process of deciding how best to continue my writing interests, the direction I might take this blog, and even whether I’ve got the chops to try a more ambitious project. Reading through these old posts was both amusing and helpful to me, even refreshing.

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