Long Live the Meme!

Ok, so I tagged Princess FlickerFeather with this meme, and she e-mailed her response to me forever ago, and I’m just posting it now. I’m sorry! I know that you were all waiting very anxiously; but it’s okay now, here it is in her very own words! Enjoy!

7 Things people don’t know about me:
1) I couldn’t sing you a Beatles song to save my life.

2) Still a teenager and already a great-aunt

3) I’m a ninja – Seriously, I can disappear for an hour or so and not have people notice I’m gone.

4) My brother talks more than me.

5) Always wished I could be a tomboy.

6) I’ve only been to 4 concerts in my life.

7) Wanted to be married at 18… yeah, not going to happen. ^_^

6 thoughts on “Long Live the Meme!

  1. I find it so sad that this younger generation has no appreciation or knowledge of classical music: the Beatles, the Doors, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple—I remember my best friend buying his first album, Deep Purple’s Machine Head, and listening to that over and over.

    My older brother had just about every Beatle’s 45 and LP. I went to see Yellow Submarine for my birthday, and Ringo was my favorite.

    Don’t feel bad though, I almost broke off my relationship with Mocha-momma because she couldn’t name the 4 Beatles; but I’ve learned to love her madly in spite of it.

  2. KD, I remember standing in line for a movie back in the 80s and overhearing one Sweet Young Thing say to another, “Did you know Paul McCartney used to be in another band before Wings?”

  3. Hey KD! Would you consider yourself a Highway Star? Or maybe you’re a Leo? Just curious.

    PFF, you can’t sing any Beatles songs? It’s not as if that’s shameful or anything, but you’re missing out on some beauties. Revolution #9 has a gorgeous melody and Tomorrow Never Comes has this complicated chordal structure that you have to hear to believe.

  4. KD, I’ll keep the advice in mind. Thanks!

    But in my defense, I lived in a cave and was fed only mushrooms for most of my life.

    I blame… someone.

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