365 days ago today…

…was the scariest day of my life. So far.

It wasn’t scary in the way that being on stage is scary or being attacked by sharks is scary. (Well, actually, I only have experience in one of those areas. Sharks. Totally.)

It was scary because I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but there was something that I wanted and I needed to find out if it was what God had in mind for me…and if my parents approved. I guess that was the scary part.

So, we all sat down in the living room that day – my mom, dad, me and Ben (aka “MG”). We had convened there to talk about “intentions and mushy stuff”. Oh, and earlier when I said that I had no idea what I was getting myself into? Seriously, I was clueless as to what to expect, so when my father asked Benny what his intentions were and he said “…well, one day I’d like to marry your daughter…”, I was a little shocked. I know. Looking back it seems pretty darn silly, like what else would we be talking about? But I had never done that before!

Well, “the talk” did go well. Benny has been spending lots of time with our family, because it is, after all, a family affair. And there is a reason for that. Joshua Harris’ books I Kissed Dating Goodbye and Boy Meets Girl really helped to keep things in perspective for me, along with people around me giving me really good examples of how to behave, and really good examples of how not to behave.

My dad was right, life is highway. Or at least an old interstate in the boonies. I can’t believe a year has gone by already, though its been suggested that I have a lead foot. So, we’ll keep driving down this road, kind of knowing one of the stops on the way, but not sure how we’ll arrive there or what comes after.

So here we are! We’ve come to this point in our journey, and we want you in on it.

Oh, and sorry guys. I’m taken.


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22 thoughts on “365 days ago today…

  1. I’m so happy for you both, and I’m sure Mocha-momma will send her regards later; she was anxiously awaiting this announcement since I told her something was coming up.

    Every good and perfect gift comes from the Father above, and he certainly had a match made in heaven in mind when he brought you guys together.

    How many goats and camels will Nightwriter be putting up for the dowry?

  2. A great looking couple to be sure!! I had taken a photo of you two at the MOB party in July. Now it’s a collector’s item!!!

    In all seriousness, I know you two will follow the path that God has laid down before you. And the best is yet to come!!!

  3. Well, the picture is gorgeous, darling!

    And, of course, Congratulations!

    MD, you are a woman I have always looked up to and I can’t wait to see what life holds for you in the coming years.

    Love ya, chick!

  4. Congratulations kids!

    But…umm…you two are looking entirely too comfortable in that picture. Does your father approve of this particular pose or has the RM tied one end of a rope to a belt-loop on his Haggar (the horrible) comfort waistband slacks and the other end to a wall anchor? Don’t make me come up there and separate the two of you!

    Just give me plenty of warning before you come down to run the gauntl….er, I mean…meet the rest of the family.

  5. Being the observant and astute fellow that I am, I just realized something—

    Ben has the beard, which I think looks marvelous; but I remember he had posted on getting a razor, and saying that the beard had to go. I checked, and that post was on the 18th. Ergo, the picture was taken prior to the 18th, or he decided not to shave.

    So my question—which look does Faith like better, with or without. I ask because when MM and I met I had a beard. At one point she asked me to shave, which I did. I hadn’t even finished cleaning off the razor when she said she liked me better in the beard. Thankfully I can grow one in about 3 days.

  6. Hmmm… tough question. Honestly, I don’t really know. But if there’s no beard, there’d better be some cool sideburns.

  7. Faith, I already posted on Ben’s blog. I really didn’t know about this. I had only an inkling of an idea. Wow! I would say that 19 is too young, and that a man Ben’s age is too far apart in age and experience for a 19 year old, except there are exceptions, and having met you and known you a little, it seems this is an exception.

    I’m glad you two are doing things the right way, as I said in Ben’s blog, and I’m sure you feel the satisfaction that this brings.


    You know that you have my prayers.

  8. Cool sideburns–you know, Elvis’ birthday is next Tuesday, Ben….and since you’re a little closer to “young Elvis”, you don’t even need to wear a sequined suit as in the Lost Wages/Aloha Live from Hawaii days….

    Hearty congratulations!

  9. Ok seriously, anyone that didn’t see this one coming is blind, deaf and dumb.

    That said it still takes me a little by surprise. And I have to admit I already had the rifle loaded before it occurred to me that they already had the sit-down with NW.

    So against my better judgement I am executing a ceasefire on Ben, at least until I get confirmation from NW.

    However, I reserve the right to make a battlefield decision should Ben screw up. It give me more time to sharpen my harpoon anyway.

    Congrats you two kids!

  10. I don’t know whether to read anything into it or not, but Kevin did use the words “execute” and “Ben” in the same sentence. Just to be sure, Kevin, you can stand down for now. The “double-secret” one-year probation time is over now that they’ve made an announcement, which means it’s merely “probation” time.

    Btw, they’ll be making their first public appearance at Keegan’s tonight, although without me because I’ve got the movie class with the boys. The Rev. Mum and Tiger Lilly will be flying cover.

  11. Copy that NW, fire mission has been scrubbed.

    Although I’m tempted to claim radio static garbled your message into “Execute Ben”. I haven’t fired a shot in about 96 hours…I’m getting rusty here.

    They’ll be out without your supervision?? Hmmm, as a precautionary measure I’ll be watching from the shadows for any mischief.

  12. Well, I guess Kevin wanted to stay in the shadows instead of being on one of the winning teams. That’s right. We won!! But I will not divulge the name of our team. That’ll be up to my courtship buddy.

    Thanks for all your well-wishes!

  13. Hey Kevvi-wevvi:

    They may be out without Dad’s supervision, but they won’t be out without mine.


  14. I must say, having admired from afar this is making me a bit jealous. I thought I was going to have that hunk of Ben all to myself- those dreamy eyes and manly whiskers.

    Oh well…Always a bridesmaid, never a bride!


  15. What part of watching from the shadows don’t you understand. Namely I wasn’t seen. I’m like a ninja that way.

    An annoying, loud, occasionally drunk and rather unstealthy ninja.

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