I told you this was going to happen! Don’t trust cows! Sure, they look stupid, but it’s a nefarious (I love that word) disguise!

As he crossed a field while walking his dog near his home in Brighton, England, in October, police Inspector Chris Poole, 50, was attacked by about 50 cows. He spent 11 days in the hospital, recovering from the butting and stomping, which cost him four broken bones, a severed artery and a punctured lung. [BBC News, 10-29-07]

HT: KingDavid.

One thought on “Dun…dun…DUNNNN!

  1. Preach it from the mountain tops T.L. Let’s hope your warnings can save even one life. I know when I stop to smell the roses, I’ll be wary of any bovines in the area.

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