Bwa-ha-ha-haaaa! I’m it!

I’ve been tagged by Amanda at Within the Discord (an awesome new blog, btw. I’m so happy to have another girl on board!) with this meme: 7 things that most people don’t know about me.

I think I’ll change it up a little, though: 7 things that may or may not be true that most people don’t know about me. Heehee! Have fun guessing what’s what!

1. I used to have two black kittens. Their names were Glory and Hallelujah.

2. I talk in my sleep. One incident involved me telling my mother that I needed nine thousand dollars. I was probably five.

3. This past year I got a tattoo of a scripture from the Bible. On the bottom of my right foot it says “Whither thou goest,”, and on the bottom of my left foot it says “I will go”. It’s super cool. It hurt like crazy, though.

4. I love football.

5. Clowns scare me.

6. Right now I’m taking a break from writing a script to do this meme. Betcha didn’t know that I’m a scriptwriter, did you? Come to our Christmas program!

7. I’m a musical prodigy.

Let’s see; I tag Kevi-Wevi, Princess FlickerFeather, and Tiger Lilly.

10 thoughts on “Bwa-ha-ha-haaaa! I’m it!

  1. I’m guessing that….you actually are LUKE WARM about football, and that your cats aren’t black, and that their names aren’t “Glory” and “Hallelujah.” Although that would be funny. 🙂

    And even if the tattoo one isn’t true, it’s an AWESOME idea. I’ve been wanting a tattoo on my foot for a long time, (ever since I got a henna tattoo at the Crow Wing County Fair a few years ago,) but haven’t been able to decide of what yet. Me thinks you might have inspired something…but don’t worry, I won’t copy. 🙂

  2. Lol!! Actually, I hate football, I did have those two cats, and I’m not planning on getting any tattoos. I think its super-cool that someone likes my idea enough to want to use it, so feel free!

  3. The Mall Diva is far too ticklish to get tattoos on the bottoms of her feet. Which, coincidentally, happen to be the only places on her body that I’d allow her to get a tattoo.

  4. I’m curious about the clowns.

    Clowns don’t necessarily scare me, (well, OK, the Cirque du Soleil clowns really freak me out)but I’ve never been a big fan. Most of the clowns I’ve seen up close and personal have done nothing that I find highly amusing.

    Actually, there is another large group of clowns that frighten me; basically because one of them might win the next presidential election for the democrats.

  5. kingdavid : You obviously haven’t seen or read Stephen King’s IT yet. Damn clowns, they need to be exterminated.

  6. I’ve got a tattoo, but alas young MD, you aren’t old enough to see it because of it’s content and, uhh, location. Now quit using your imagination before the NW washes out your mind with soap!

  7. Um, that’s okay, I don’t need to see your tattoo.

    You say my father would wash my mind out with soap? He’ll have to catch me first.

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