Jesse Ventura finishes fourth book

…And boy, are his lips tired!

Whoops, it appears he’s written his fourth book.

From the Pioneer Press:

Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura largely disappeared from public view when he left office five years ago, but he isn’t keeping his opinions to himself.

He co-wrote a book, filled with his feelings on politics, international affairs and the media, due out next April.

“It really reflects Gov. Ventura,” said Bill Wolfsthal, associate publisher at the New York-based Skyhorse Publishing. “It’s energetic and opinionated and absolutely fascinating.”

The book, “Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me,” was co-written with author Dick Russell.

“It really is great reading,” Wolfsthal said.

I heard the original title was “Don’t Start the Promotion Without Me.”

3 thoughts on “Jesse Ventura finishes fourth book

  1. *snort*


    *won’t write opinion of Ventura as reader is of the opinion that the writer of this blog already did a sufficient job in ruining Ventura’s credibility, as if the way he handled Minnesota’s education system wasn’t enough….reader realizes she is rambling*

    *snort again*


    *dignified silence*

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