Attention, Kingdavid — Scotland needs you!

The English – Scottish border has historically been the scene of bitter conflict, but today a new battle is being waged by one man armed with an air rifle and a hatred of grey squirrels.

KD, I know you’re not Scottish, but you can join the Coalition forces to stamp out the gray squirrel insurgency. Maybe Surly will loan you his kilt!

2 thoughts on “Attention, Kingdavid — Scotland needs you!

  1. (inserting David Feherty voice….)

    Oh he kilt that one!

    Or imagine if you will, the NW holed up in his basement as a Carl Spackler wannabe, duct taping a flashlight to his trusty pellet gun….

    “….it’s the squirrel-cong”

  2. “Maybe Surly will loan you his kilt!”

    I have two, (A Steward and a McLeod) so I’m sure I could let one go for a while. He’d have to suplly his own sporran and belt though.

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