I love Hairspray

Need I say more?

Last Saturday the Princess took me to see “Hairspray”. It was absolutely adorable. And hilarious. I almost peed my pants from laughing so hard. It’s probably on of the best musicals ever.

Nikki Blonsky does a great job as Tracy Turnblad, who knows she was born to dance, even if she doesn’t fit in with all the skinny girls. She is a funny, out-going force to be reckoned with; and she teaches us that dreams really can come true! (Okay, that was a little sappy- *gag, gag*) Anyway, while she fights for her chance to prove herself, she also fights for the equality of her new negro friends, even to the extent of her “assaulting” a police officer! Yup, a great family film.

Zac Efron plays Tracy’s love interest, Link Larkin, who is a lot cuter than- and not nearly as annoying as- he was in “High School Musical” (another movie the Princess made me watch).

Oh, and John Travolta makes a pretty good mom.

Watching this movie will most likely make you want to dance and sing- it’s so infectious! I can’t wait to buy it.

20 thoughts on “I love Hairspray

  1. Almost peed your pants?? I would have thought you were a little young to have to worry about that, but then again you did just have yet another birthday recently.

    So may I suggest you start buying some Depends. I’m told that they’ve improved them so you can’t even tell you’re wearing them.

    Fortunately I haven’t had to worry about it yet.

  2. Kevi, you probably haven’t had to worry about them because they’re as natural to you as your own underpants. And I bet you keep a bunch of them in your car for emergencies.

    Anyway, what I’m sayin’ is that you’re an old fart and I’m not.

  3. Fa-therrrrr! You know what it is! Whilst I was typing, I looked out the window to see a VW Bug passing by, therefore, I slugged the comment thread.

  4. I thought that was “Slug Bug.” Snuggle Bug sounds like an entirely different game. Not to be confused with “Glug Bug”, which involves drinking.

  5. No, she brutally hit a highly decorated war veteran with a crowbar, remember?

    Oh, and if you ever feel worried about something, cook some pork and then eat it. Apparently, it’s a cure-all.

  6. I tried to bug a slug once but could never provoke it into anything but leaving a trail of slime.

    OK OK OK ALREADY ! ! It was small-town Missouri! Sometimes you had to get real creative to have fun!

  7. That “Zac” geek actually happens to be the Lab Rat’s secretary’s nephew. For a nominal fee, I could probably get you an autographed picture….paid in advance of course.

  8. Ok good NW, we were on the same page as far as what we assumed “SnuggleBug” meant. As a precaution I had been holding myself at gunpoint for the last 24 hours.

    Now that we have determined it was a completely innocent mistake, I have released myself on my own recognizance.

  9. >>Are you SERIOUS???

    Of course I’m serious! And if you want to pony up the big bucks, I could probably get her to score you two some of his old underwear or something (perhaps a smelly sock?)

  10. Come on!! Don’t I get the family discount??

    …And I don’t want any of Ben’s smelly socks!

  11. WHOOPS ! ! Wrong Nerd !

    The Lab Rat’s secretary’s nephew is Lucas Grabeel…does that do anything for you two?

    In my efforts to atone for my building up your expectations only to dash them on reality’s rocky shores, I’ll tell you what….I’ll get you a couple of autographed pictures of the Lucas geek and I’ll throw in some of my old underwear and a pair of your cousin’s smelly socks.

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