I’m all aloooone…

The Reverend Mother and Tiger Lilly are gone (see previous post) and the Mall Diva went to Duluth Friday afternoon with some friends for a weekend women’s retreat, leaving me to kick around the big house by myself.

What to do…what to do…what to do…

I might take myself out for dinner and movie tonight if I can decide what I want to eat and see. Tiger Lilly also emailed to remind me to pick up the new Harry Potter book for her since she’s not going to be able to get one herself for awhile (unless she wants the Transylvanian translation, that is).

I went out earlier this afternoon and picked up the book from the big stack at Walmart, along with a few bachelor snacks (mmmm, pork rinds!). I suppose I could spend the evening reading the book.

Or, I could just read the last few pages ….

*flip, flip, flip*

Hmmm. Mmm-hmmm. Huh. Well, that’s certainly interesting! I never expected Harry and Voldemort to suddenly apparate in the midst of the Soprano family in a New Jersey diner in order to fight their last duel!

4 thoughts on “I’m all aloooone…

  1. Hey y’all!!! We were in Boostin’ Houston for about an hour, then flew to Dallas. We are now at the Teen Mania camp.

    Daddy, thanks for buying the book. I look forward to reading it.

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