Chirp! Chirp!

Judging by the title, you might have guessed what has happened. We have a new birdy in the household!

We are keeping the newbie for a few days to see if she (he? It’s only 8 months old, not old enough to tell what gender it is) and Birdy-wirdy are compatible.

The sad part of the story is: my friend (Angelina) called me up and said that another of my friends (Olivia) had a bird that had died, so they were going to give away their remaining bird because it never got any attention, and it had bonded with the late birdy. So my mom called Olivia’s mom, and last night I came home from Tae Kwon Do and walked into the living room. There was a white bird cage sitting next to the cage that Birdy-wirdy was in.

“Oh,” I said. “New bird cage?” I went closer. AACCKK!! An adorable yellow face was looking at me. The new parakeet has bright yellow and green plumage (can you hear my dad in the background saying “Remarkable bird, the Norwegian Blue. Lovely plumage!”) with black on it’s back and tail. Mom said it’s name is Chiquita, and Olivia’s family thought that it was a girl. But I think it might be a boy, because it’s cere (the area above its beak that’s pink for a girl and blue for a boy) has a little bit of blue.

And mom said no more pets!

Ciao for now!

One thought on “Chirp! Chirp!

  1. Congratulations. I hope it all works out, and that one day Night Writer and Reverend Mother will hear the pitter-patter of their little grandbirds feet.

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