Water-break in the salt mine

I’ve been cranking along doing two jobs at work for a few weeks now. It’s meant limited time for lunch and longer hours (well, technically, it’s meant more hours; it’s just that I wish the hours could be longer somehow in order to squeeze everything in). Most nights I’m either bringing work home or I’m too tired to put a lot of time and research into a new post so I’ve just written some things off the top of my head to keep Tiger Lilly from taking over. I also haven’t had as much time to cruise through the MOB and my blogroll, which is what I really miss.

The pace at work has been kind of invigorating (yeah, I think that’s the word to describe the constant squirts of adrenaline and caffeine), and the end may be coming into sight. The light isn’t on at the end of the tunnel yet, but we’re getting real close to flipping the switch, I think.

There have been a number of things I would have liked to have written about lately but couldn’t get to them. Fortunately it hasn’t been hard to find others who are doing a better job on these topics anyway. Earlier this week Nick Coleman had a column saying that the rich aren’t paying their fare share in taxes in Minnesota. Coleman’s rant was about as predictable as worms on a sidewalk after a soaking rain, and it was just as easy pickings for my eagle-eyed friend Jeff Kouba at Truth vs. The Machine who (and Nick, you might want to consider this) actually looked up numbers and knew what they meant. As John Adams said, “Facts are stubborn things.” They can also be fun!

Also, it’s baseball season again. My joy at the return of the Twins is nearly equaled by the pleasure of being able to read the post-game analyses and musings by Bat Girl and her all-star roster of designated hitters as they follow the adventures (real and imagined) of our favorite team. This is good stuff, folks: funny, fresh and often surreal. If you’re only reading about the Twins in the newspaper you’re missing at least half of the fun.

AAARRGGH! There’s goes the shock collar again. Back to work!

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