Of chicken and crunchy rice

I haven’t posted for awhile. I have almost nothing to post about, sooo… I know! I’ll post about dinner!

Tonight’s dinner was chicken and al dente rice (courtesy of Reverend Mother and Mall Diva. I helped, too — I was the Chicken Transportation). Mom had mixed some white rice and some brown rice together, then realized that brown rice cooks very s-l-o-w. Thus, “al dente.”

So there we were, sitting at our peninsula, munching away. (Oh, and just for all you smart-alecks out there who read my sister’s last post, just because I am assumed to speak the chicken language doesn’t mean that I don’t eat chicken.) After awhile, MD said, “You know, I don’t think that I like crunchy rice.”

“Yeah, me neither,” I said. “Is there any more?”

4 thoughts on “Of chicken and crunchy rice

  1. I have a great Thai chicken salad recipe that incorporates coarse ground roasted rice (uncooked and browned). Adds “nuttiness” to the salad.

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