I Want To Go To Keegan’s

…So therefore, I must write.

I’m sitting in my pajamas on the couch listening to my sister practicing a new language. She can speak it pretty fast, and I can only make out some of the words; but for the most part it sounds like this: “buckbuck buck BUUUCK, buck buckbuck buck buck.” I’m not sure what it means. Maybe she’s turning into a chicken.

I’m also watching the bird tear apart an old newspaper we rolled up and stuck in her cage. She’s crazy about it. All day she chews on it. In the morning when my mom takes the blanket off her cage, she’s already tearing away. There’s now newspaper confetti all over the floor.

I have today off, but my cousin is coming over for a foil. She’s been blonde for a few years, but last time we put in some lowlights and it turned out gorgeous. We’re going to do it again today. It’s also my day to cook, and after that, Tiger Lilly and I have to go to practice a drama that Princess FlickerFeather is putting together and I am assistant director of. It’s to a song by Third Day called “Thief”, and it’s about the thief that was on the cross next to Jesus who ended up in Paradise. Bet you can’t guess when that one’s going to be performed!

So anyway, I’ll see y’all at Keeg’s a week from Thursday!

4 thoughts on “I Want To Go To Keegan’s

  1. She’s talking chicken? That doesn’t sound good. Is she pecking at things or eating crumbs from the toaster? If so, you might want to separate her and the bird.

  2. Ahem… buck buck buck buckbuckbuck.

    I am NOT turning into a chicken, I do NOT peck at things, and I do NOT eat from places that the bird has eaten from. You’re just jealous that you can’t speak the complicated language of the chickens.

    That will be all.

  3. And so the Diva speaks after her three year silence. Hee hee hee

    But seriously, paranoia can get to you

    I know.

    *looks all around*

    The bushes, they are trying to warn me!!!!

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