Snow, mobile

Yesterday, as almost all of you know, it snowed about a foot-and-a-half. Since my parents were gone, he Mall Diva was able to park her rear-wheel-drive car in the garage overnight. We couldn’t get out the next morning, however, because the plow man hadn’t come yet. We had to get to church, because MD is in the band, and I work in the bookstore!

After about ten minutes of shoveling, we decided to try and get MD’s car back to garage. Ten more minutes of shoveling and rubber burning, and we managed it. We then ran two blocks to church, then walked the last two blocks. It’s hard to run carrying bags containing Bibles and shoes! We finally made it to church.

When we got home (we hitched a ride), Mom’s car was in our driveway. Stuck. Oh, the humanity!!! But it didn’t require too much work, Dad and a couple of neighbors rocked the car back onto the plowed street and parked it.

Then, when we wanted to go cross-country skiing, the place that we went to was closed for the season! It’s February, for Pete’s sake!!! What’s going on, global warming? It just snowed, we want to go skiing, and you’re closed! What’s the big idea?!

O.k., I’ll try to calm down now.

Ciao for now!

8 thoughts on “Snow, mobile

  1. OK, I’m a little slow. You had a typo and I didn’t figure it out right away. I kept thinking, what are Biles; why would they bring a urine sample to church. Bibles make a whole lot more sense.

  2. Yeah, KD, in my eagerness to type everthing out and get my displeasure out to the world about snow, I made a couple typos that I didn’t realize until after it was posted.

  3. Your dad has a bottomless wallet, tell him to buy you one. If he tells you money doesn’t grow on trees, don’t believe him, it’s a lie all parents tell.

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