The Terrible Twos

There were a lot of things I didn’t know about blogging when I started out two years ago today. I didn’t know how long I could keep it up, what I would write about, what my “voice” would be, if anyone would ever come by to read this and, if so, if they’d ever come back.

Today, I still don’t know how long I’ll keep this up or what I’m going to write about next week. I do know that people come here, and in gradually increasing numbers — but I’m not sure what topic or style explains the attraction. As to my voice, Craig Westover told me at my first trip to Keegan’s that it takes a little while to find it; two years in and most of the time I still feel as if I’m just clearing my throat, careening from topic to topic with apparent (to me) randomness. I read somewhere that if you want to grow your readership you have to find a niche and pound it. I don’t know, sounds kind of boring to me.

Not that I don’t want readers, mind you. I know some bloggers make it a point of fierce pride that they don’t care how many readers they get, or they stopped looking at the Site Meter ages ago. Not me. There’s not much in the way of compensation for running a blog, and the number of daily unique visitors is one of the easiest ways to get a little affirmation in order to keep the juices flowing. I blog mainly to keep the writing gears lubricated and because I’ve come to enjoy the daily hunt for a topic and the puzzle-solving aspect of fashioning a post from an idea that has occurred to me or from an issue that stimulates me. I’ve made it a point of discipline to try to average at least a post a day here and frankly there are days that I wouldn’t even try to rise to the challenge except I hate the thought of someone making a point of coming here and there not being something new to read.

Some days I’ll try to go for a laugh; other days I’ll take a more serious approach (and I hope you can tell the difference). Other days I just stand back and let the Mall Diva or Tiger Lilly do their thing, and they’ve brought their own following, based on the increase in traffic since they started (to boost traffic, add young women — who knew?).

Anyway, I’m going to keep blogging for now, and checking the Site Meter a couple of times a day. Comments and links are even more “affirming” than traffic, but this isn’t the type of blog that seems to attract a lot of either, unless one of the girls is posting. Oh well, at least it’s not holding me back from my daily routine!

I know I see certain locations and ISPs over and over, so I’ll tell you what: if you’re a regular reader but one who has seldom or never commented here, and you want to offer a Blogiversary present, please leave a comment below. It doesn’t have to be fancy or effusive, but let me know you’re out there, and maybe say how you found this blog in the first place and/or what topic or expectation brings you back. Come on, I put hundreds of words a day here, you can at least spare me a dozen! (Ooops, sorry, didn’t mean to sound like MPR in the middle of pledge week there).

19 thoughts on “The Terrible Twos

  1. Actually, I only came over here because I was looking for the Mall Diva. I’d like to hire her to blog for my campaign. Um, she hasn’t offended anyone or used really nasty language has she?

  2. Thanks for the tip on Chester Taylor last year, that worked out pretty well. What do you suggest this year for my “kick ass” offense?

  3. You really should also hear from Garrison Keillor, you put him to shame with the way you write. He’s a rank amateur. The ‘Old Scout’ has nothing on the Night Writer. You should come up with a theme song.

  4. Now let me get this straight – you said you were going to put your carbon footprint on my what?

  5. I read this blog because you frequently link the The Writer’s Almanac. And, unlike some bloggers, you’ve never threatened to beat on me with a golf club.

    To everyone else I say, has your family tried the Night Writer blog? Heavens, it’s tasty!

  6. I love the humor on this blog, and believe me, I know what’s funny! Sometimes I even crack myself up!

  7. Who knew that you had all of these high profile readers? The question is whether they come here for you or for your co-bloggers.

    Whatever the case may be, congratulations on 2 years.

  8. I just want you to know I never read this blog. Not even this post. Who are you again? Don’t bother to tell me. I won’t see the answer, because I don’t read you.

  9. Someone threatened to beat on Keillor with a golf club? Buy that man a Surly’s Bender!

    Oh…You already did.

    Congrates on the two year mark. I’ve enjoyed stopping by here and being sometimes entertained and at other times challenged.

  10. A comment from a no name…..I enjoy your very thoughtful blogs and I can tell you speak from the heart.What amazes me is the time it must take to put together a challenging piece and you do it most every day….and you have a demanding family life and job. It must be that you receive Divine Guidance…quite a gift.Thanks for your writings!!

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