Happy Ecker-versary

Kevin Ecker reached the five year anniversary of the EckerNet blog yesterday, which is a nearly unheard of milestone in the blogosphere considering how many bloggers don’t even make it to five months — and when you consider what the technological limitations were back then. Kevin had to do the equivalent of pounding rocks together when he started; kind of crude and ugly, but then nobody was reading blogs then anyway. Today the blog is still crude and ugly, but that’s more a matter of attitude than a problem with the design or the hosting platform.

Anyway, EckerNet is a daily (or more often) stop for the Mall Diva and I as we stop in to see who Kevin is picking on today, to view pictures of his latest gun, or to enter one of his caption contests. Visiting EckerNet is one of our favorite forms of entertainment, right up there with watching Mythbusters on TV. In fact, we see some eerie parallels between Kevin and one of the Mythbusters’ hosts, Adam Savage: they’re about the same age, size, have similar hairlines and kind of look alike. Could they have been separated at birth? Let’s examine (Kevin on the left, Adam on the right below):

The similarities are amazing:

  • Both use the motto, “I reject your reality and substitute my own!”
  • Both get paid to figure out how to blow things up. The difference is Adam Savage shows you how to do it on TV; if Kevin showed you how it’s done he’d have to kill you. (Go here for links to Mythbusters’ greatest explosions.)
  • Adam busts urban legends that “everyone knows are true” using physics, curiosity and some cool gear; Kevin blows holes in generally accepted liberal “facts” and thinking using reason, research and a lot of attitude.
  • Adam once tested the effects of a mannequin urinating on an electrified rail; urinating on an electrified rail is how Kevin wakes himself up in the morning.
  • Adam goes to great lengths to test the limits of science and knowledge; Kevin goes to great lengths to try to buy my daughter beer and test the limits of my patience.

I think it’s conclusive, folks. Add a goatee, a little reddish coloring and perhaps a bit more restraint to Kevin and you have — Adam Savage. Busted!

4 thoughts on “Happy Ecker-versary

  1. Hey! Where’s the photo attribution? Just so the people know, that was an Uncle Ben special. I can be hired to take photographs at special events, weddings and Super Bowl parties. Prices are reasonable. Results guaranteed!

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