Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

For a friend experiencing this in his family:

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow
That is what they say, and I’m finding that it’s true.
I’ve always taken it for granted that I would see you again;
I never could imagine there being me without you.

But this time it’s different.
This disease ravages through your whole body-
Slowly, but surely, pulling you away.
There’s no way for me to know what you’re feeling,
Or how long you are willing or able to stay.
To try and hold on to you is to cling to a shadow,
You are not mine to keep or control;
Yet still I feel hope in the gathering darkness
for the glorious light that I know fills your soul.

But what of your life?
It seems all past now, are you content?
Are you satisfied that it was time well spent-
Or do you look back with sorrow, pain and regret?

And what of the future?
Is the path that you’ve laid one you’d want others to follow?
As it winds through life’s joys and sorrows,
There’s ever the presence of hope for tomorrow.

And those of us you are leaving behind
Will rejoice at your arrival to the place we call home,
For we know that all this is just the beginning
And your journey doesn’t end in a cold, lonely tomb.
So I’ll kiss you farewell, for I’ll see you again
And til then, I’ll remember you fondly,
My friend.

— by Faith

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