‘Twas the days after Christmas

Part 2 to my previous post: do you remember how the Red Ryder Air Rifle for me was a laptop? Well, I betcha can’t guess what happened on Christmas morning!

I woke up at about 6:30, but since I’m not one of the mean kids who
will jump out of bed and immediatley run into their parents rooms to wake them up no matter how tired they are, I stayed in bed until I heard the shower start in the Reverend Mother and The Old Man’s room, which meant Reverend Mother was awake (There was no telling if The Old Man was awake or not). I waited a bit more until I heard the door to the Mall Diva’s room open. I then jumped out of bed, eager to begin the stocking ritual of the morning. I then found out that MD didn’t think we should go into the Reverend Mother and The Old Man’s room yet. So I waited till I heard the shower shut off, then I ran down to grab the stockings while MD knocked on the bedroom door. We entered at The Old Man’s grunt of “Who is it?” and sat down. Mom wasn’t out of the bathroom yet, so we (surprise, surprise) waited.

After a bit, Mom came into the room, and we began opening the stockings.
Here is a list of what I received in my stocking:

A bottle of Jones Fufu Berry Soda from The Old Man
A necklace from MD
Reeses Pieces from Mom
A Candy Cane from Bonita
A tweezers from Reverend Mother

We went downstairs, but we didn’t unwrap presents yet. Mom had to make
coffee first. There was a present for both me and MD, then 5 presents each for both of us. MD and I decided to open the present for both of us first. Dad said, “That’s from ‘The Old Man’,” which gave me a clue as to what was inside. MD took one side, and I took the other, and we shredded the paper. It was (dramatic pause) a box!!!! I opened the box and inside was a


Oh joy! I was sooo happy. I was sitting there with my mouth hanging wide
open, and MD was grinning wildly. Then The Old Man said, “Now we have to
figure out a schedule for you two to use it,” and MD said, “I know this is more for Tiger Lilly than for me.”

We commenced opening the other presents. I got:

A Dream Pillow that is supposed to ‘reduce stress, induce sleep, and
heighten dreams,’ from MD

A scrunchie from Reverend Mother

An outfit from Bonita

Crest teeth whitening strips (Mom claims that I asked for those, just not for Christmas.)

And a book that I unfortunately already had. I also got a bead bracelet maker, and a gift certficate for Michaels.

Later the family came over. There was feasting of goose and turkey, gabbing and more present opening. My cousin told me that he got “Factions” for Christmas (the second part to a game that I love called “Guild Wars”). He is sooo lucky. But hey, he didn’t get a laptop! He gave me his compound bow and arrows for Christmas. This year was the best Christmas ever, with one flaw. Mom was sick. She stayed in bed all day, except for the present opening. Of course she came down for that. It’s nasty to be sick on a holiday like Christmas, but she’s feeling much better now.

Ciao for now, and Merry Belated Christmas!

3 thoughts on “‘Twas the days after Christmas

  1. Good writing TL, but I can’t help but think that you will suffer for it. NW is bound to get a little grumpy after being called “Old Man” six times in one post. Maybe he’ll seem forgiving, but your load of chores is bound to increase.

  2. Man, what an absolutely thoughtful gift. I wish my parents had given me something like that when I was a lad. Make sure you keep it with you at all times, you never know when it’s going to be needed. A ‘tweezer’ I’d take it over a laptop anyday.

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