Yes, I’m still here.

Hi guys! I know it’s been a long time; my dad never misses a chance to remind me. Life around here has been hectic lately, and I really don’t think I have anything to write about anyway, but he doesn’t buy it.

Hmmm…What can I talk about?

We (okay, I mean my dad) went out and bought our Christmas tree last Saturday. Tonight it was finally put in it’s stand. We probably won’t decorate it for another week or so. Poor thing, it must feel neglected. I’m sure the tree-huggers will be after us soon.

So, I’ve been doing some Christmas shopping recently, and I’m very proud of myself. My favorite store this year for gifts is the Bibelot Shop, which is actually just across the street and half a block from Keegan’s. By the way, I will be at Keegan’s this Thursday, because I know that all of you have missed me so much.

And in other news, I have temporarily put the wrist sweaters away because of extremely freezing temperatures. Yes, that’s right. All you wristsweataphobes can breathe easy. Now I have real mittens, the kind where the top flips up and velcroes to the back so fingers are free! Yay!

See you at Keegan’s!

13 thoughts on “Yes, I’m still here.

  1. One can never have enough dry, flammable material in the house. I’m sure that Mr. Tannenbaum will be good and crispy in no time. Perhaps it would be a good idea to stop smoking cigars in the living room?

  2. Really you left me nothing intelligent to comment on (hehe) but I know it bugs your dad that he can put together really intelligent and well-thought-out in-depth posts and receive no comments. Yet you’ll write “I have nothing to say so there” and get 50 comments.

    So I’m just doing what I do best….attempting to annoy your dad. For your part, just pretend I said something intelligent and thought-provoking here.

    WHAT?! Stop laughing!! It could happen!!

  3. Diva, that’s the plan. Unfortunately there are still under 10 comments and there is no definable tangent yet other than pure mischief. Wait, pure mischief works. Onwards to double digits!

  4. Mischief, thy name is Kevi-Wevi.

    Hey, have you guys ever heard of the tree stand that has like a peg or something on it, and you drill a hole in the bottom of the tree and set it on the peg and then you can spin it around?

    Cool, huh? We need one of those.

    Oh, hey! That’s ten! Yay, us!

  5. I just went and checked the web site for Bibelot; I had never heard of it. I came on a coffee (or tea) mug that said: It’s Good To Be King. I may have to stop in and pick one up when I make our annual x-mas pilgrimage to Kramarczuk’s to get stocked up on Kielbasa for the holidays.

  6. The rotating tree stand idea is excellent! Then, instead of using strings of light, you could use real candles. Can you imagine the Christmassy beauty of that tinder-dry tree burning with the joy of the season as it whirled round and round? This idea is so good I’m almost afraid that I stole it from Kingdavid. 😉

  7. Wow, look at all the comments!

    From this, I can only infer that Mall Diva is one of the more influential bloggers in the MOB. Much more so than the other guy who writes here.

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