3 thoughts on “Ooops, she did it again

  1. My mother used to make me write that scripture hundreds of times as a standard for whenever I became a bit too sharp-tongued. I wrote standards. For talking back. I never did dare actual indiscretion. One could only imagine the punishment then. 🙂

    Thank God for my parents. Too bad Britney’s mom sold her down the river years ago.

  2. I remember about 5-6 years ago, when you couldn’t swing a dead cat and not bump into a story about Britney. Every time I got on the computer, or saw a magazine cover, or opened the paper–there she was. I mentioned to some co-workers how much I detested hearing about this woman. Well, one of them was a practical joker. I came into work one day and my entire desk and cubicle had been plastered in pictures of her. It was actually weeks before I found them all. About two weeks later, I picked up my phone and finally realized there was a little picture of her on the handset. I think unless she turns to God, in 20 years she’s going to be as psychologically damaged as Michael Jackson.

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