Identity Crisis

Hi guys. How’s it going? Guess what? I got my hair colored today. Just thought y’all would like to know what’s going on in my little world.

There’s a question that’s been burning in my mind for a week or two, and I’d like to know what you guys think.

What (or who) should I be for Halloween? I’ve had a couple of suggestions already, like Cleopatra or a hockey player (so’s I can whack people who don’t behave with my hockey stick). Those are pretty good ideas, but I want to know what else you would come up with. And no, don’t tell me to go as myself because I’m scary enough, or you’re going the right way for a finger-wag.

Here’s a super-interesting useless fact about me: I’ve never been trick-or-treating. Nope, never. Every Halloween our church has a big party with games and candy and costume contests and candy and prizes. And candy. They call it “Hallelujah Night”, and that’s where I went every year. It’s super fun!

There’s usually a theme for the costumes, and then whoever has the best one wins. One year the theme was “the farm”, and my cousin dressed up as a milking machine. She wrote “Acme Milking Machine” on a white shirt and wore a hard hat that had “milking” tubes coming out of the top. Her costume was so awesome! Everyone thought she should have won, except the judges who chose a little girl who was “Princess Kay of the Milky Way”. C’mon! She didn’t think of that herself! She was only like seven! Whatever- we’re over it.

What is everyone else going to be?

8 thoughts on “Identity Crisis

  1. I’m going out as a Fed Ex man….I can fit a LOT of treats in the big truck! If I get home in time, I’ll also get to be a door troll. “Here’s a treat for ya….pull my finger!”

  2. At work I’m going to be costumed as “white trash”. I’ll toss on one of our white garbage bags and write “I love Brittney” on the back.

    Whoever thought of the Cleopatra and hockey player ideas was a genius! Of course the first idea might be shot in the foot depending on which direction your hair went. The whole world wants to know, what color is it?

  3. Let’s see, this time on the top we threw some 7CC in with some 6R to make it pop, and on the bottom we just did a retouch of 4RB. In other words, you’ll have to wait and see if you can’t understand the lingo.

    Good ideas! Keep ’em coming.

  4. Google will trip you up, MD. (Enter the alphanumeric combos and you’ll get the appropriate information.)

    Light ash (7CC), some auburn (6R), and red/brown (4RB) on the ends.

    And here I thought you were going black and orange on us!

  5. Diva, I do believe you just been pwned by Policy Guy! (And in case you’re wondering, yes I did have to use google to figure out how to spell “pwned”. That’s just how trendy I am!)

  6. I’m impressed with Robert Perry’s idea. Not too many people make the connection between that and October 31. (Well, Benny probably does.) I’m afraid your idea would be lost on the masses.

    Rev. Mother

  7. Ok, level 7 (lightest brown/darkest blonde) CC (copper-copper) isn’t ash, and level 6 (light brown) R (red) is redder than auburn, but 4RB is correct.

    The finished product always depends on the color line.

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