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Tonight at dinner, my dad started singing a song to the tune of “Was a farmer, had a dog, and Bingo was his name-o”. Tortellini almost came out of my nose. That, apparently, was his objective. You sicko.



In other news, my dad has informed me that I’ve been generating controversy on this blog for a bit over a year now. I can look at this two ways:

It’s been a year already??


It’s only been a year?

There have been some darn good times here. I have come to think of the MOB as kind of my extended family, complete with older brothers* (like Kevi-Wevi, Andy and Benny-Wenny), the ‘Volunteer Maternal Protector’ (Cathy in the Wright) who helps me keep them in line, and the weird uncle (Strommy).

I always have fun at MOB events. Would it be really sad if I said they were the highlight of my social season? It would? Ok, never mind…

And to all of my faithful public, where would I be without you? I’ve written about some interesting things that have happened to me this past year, and I’ve posted dumb things that I made up on the spot, and you guys stuck around through it all! How do you do it? Seriously?

*Sniff*…Hold on, I’ve got something in my eye…*sniff*

*That occasionally drive me crazy, like big brothers have a tendency to do…I’m told.

15 thoughts on “Alert the Media

  1. Mall Diva: I’ve certainly enjoyed your sense of humor, and been impressed with your defense of the faith on all the posts and comments that I’ve read. You’re definitely on the way to doing something special in this life. I’m going to have to pick Night Writer and Reverend Mothers brains on how to help my darlin Hannah grow up just as well. Keep em coming.

  2. I’ve been trying to keep Kevin and Andy in line, but it’s hard work.

    What is true is that you have upped the level of commentage. It’s a wonderful contribution and I wish you a happy blogiversary. (Maybe now you can renogiate your contract and go for the big bucks?)

  3. HEH!!! How come Andy doesn’t have a weird name?? How about “Andy-Wandy”??

    Your brother?? Do I actually have to claim any sort of affiliation with you??? Because really I couldn’t feel right about claiming you as a sister unless I’ve had the chance to beat you up alot and pull your hair and flush your dolls down the toilet. You know…the usual stuff. On the plus side, I would also be obligated to threaten any of your boyfriends with decapitation. Good times.

  4. Ah, yes. This is where that little detail of not actually being related to you comes in really handy. You *don’t have to claim any affiliation to me or decapitate any of my boyfriends. But I’m still going to annoy you. How about that, Kevi-Wevi?

  5. Do I have to wait till he touches her, or can we skip the formalities?? Can’t we just accept that I’m a character witness in how guys think and therefore judge the guy guilty by default??

    Let me know, I’m gonna go invest in a new sharpening stone.

  6. Hold it! Hold everything!!

    Who (and where) is this supposed boyfriend?? Do I at least get to meet him before Kevin goes all psycho-slasher on him??

  7. Hmmmm, not sure we want to risk that. Better to be safe. It’s for your own good.

    Tell you what, I’ll let you pick out the weapon I use. Feel better about it now?

  8. Hmmmm….”Dating and the Art of Preemptive Decapitation” Sounds like something that might have been written by some ancient Chinese warlord…Or, maybe it was a sit-com?

    And wasn’t the Psycho-Slasher one of those neat gizmo’s marketed by Ron Popeil? I think it diced as well!

  9. I admire Kevin’s doctrine of pre-emption. It shows that he’s not only dangerously violent, he’s a problem solver. We need more leadership like that.

  10. LOL, best compliment I’ve ever gotten Uncle Ben.

    MD, how could you not tell me?!? I’m your brother!

    NW, ready and willing Night Writer. Although I do have a favor to ask. I haven’t killed anything with my AK-47 yet….you think just this once?? Please???

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