“My Girl Likes to Party All the Time…”

Alright, I’ve heard that some people have been clamoring for a post from their elusive Diva, so here I am. Bruise-free, might I add.

But this is a special post, as it is about a special person. I would not be here if she hadn’t been here first. It’s my mom. (Insert your “awwwww”s here)

It was her birthday on Friday. Earlier in the year I asked her what she wanted to do for it, and she said “Nothing, and no flamingo’s!”.

So I threw her a surprise party. Actually it was me and our home church group that meets on Friday nights.

A couple of weeks ago, my parents went on a little golfing vacation weekend thingy (yes, I did use both “golfing” and “vacation” in the same sentence, and no, I’m not crazy). So that Friday night we decided to plan the party and got all the invitations out on Sunday, which I thought was pretty slick.

The usual Home church schedule is everyone one comes around 7p.m. and just walk in, then we do a couple songs. We had our guests walk in around 7:15. The house was packed and my mother thoroughly surprised.

Direct quote from my Aunt Carol (HI CAROL!),”I’ve never been to a birthday party that broke down into a dance party.” Which it did. Even ask Benny.

Thank you to everyone who came and would happen to be reading this! I swear that her party was better than mine.

11 thoughts on ““My Girl Likes to Party All the Time…”

  1. If I’m understanding things correctly, my non-existent hips have the power to destroy digital technology. Does that make me a superhero of some sort? Sure, it’s a kind of weird power to have, but I’ll take it.

  2. Hi Carol! Of course it was an interesting party! With all the people we got together, how could it not be?

    Benny~ Uhh…Sure. We’ll let you have your little fantasy. So is it ‘Super-Benny’ now or what?

  3. I do hereby promise to use my powers only for good, abjuring all evil. (Do I get extra credit for using the word of the week?)

    For me this calls to mind a super-hero of my youth, Super Grover. Now there was a stud! 🙂

  4. Nu-uh! Superkids were better!

    Muiscal, Science-Fiction, Adventure, Friends, and Religion.

    These movies had it all!

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