I’m a Survivor

I have a statement to make about my first paintball excursion:


Paintball: One of the funnest ways to get hurt!

Seriously, though; I had so much fun, and I think that I did pretty well for my first time. Kevi separated the Princess and I, probably because he thought our team would have an unfair advantage over the other. We both came away with some battle wounds to show off and war stories to tell (and/or embellish).

Kevin was the captain, and Foot was a fellow rookie, and mostly thanks to Benny, I never had to be the first one out! One game I was actually the last person left on my team, and then we lost because I ran out of ammo. Nice, huh?

I had gotten up at four that morning to do hair for a wedding, and towards the end of the tournament, I was pretty much just a trigger-happy zombie. I slept really well that night. Harder was trying to get out of bed the next morning. Is anyone else still itchy from those stupid burrs?

Anyway, I can’t wait to do it again next year, but in the meantime I think we should have a MOB Sock Wars tournament.

2 thoughts on “I’m a Survivor

  1. “mostly thanks to Benny, I never had to be the first one out!”

    That could be taken two ways. I prefer to think that I was valiant as opposed to incompetent, though a case could be made for either. 😉

    Sock Wars will definitely have to be played.

  2. Heyy! even though i dont know you, im glad that you played paintball. im really into paintball. Just about every penny i get, goes to it…

    but anyway, if you wanna look at sum of my paintball pictures, or just ask me some stuff if you ever decide to play again, i’d be glad to help…


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