Remember, that’s MISTER Lunt…

I’m about to take off to go up north for the weekend with my cheesebur-, I mean, my wife for a golfing getaway and to “veg out.” No writing today, but here’s one of those fun little quizzes. Actually, I don’t think veggies can be bloggers; no bellybuttons to gaze into, you know.

What Veggie Tales character are you?

Mr. Lunt
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9 thoughts on “Remember, that’s MISTER Lunt…

  1. I came in as Bob, Mocha-momma came in as Lunt. I consider myself more as a “pirate,who doesn’t do anything” I just stay home, and blog around. I actually have that song on my MP3, I think it’s right after ‘Shout to the Lord’ by Darlene Czech. The Veggie crew can’t be beat for good humor.

  2. Md, you’re wondering how you got to be Bob? I’m wondering how the heck I got to be Juniour the Asparagus. But at least I’m fun loving. MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

  3. Of course my definition of fun is different than yours! What did you expect?

    And you’ll almost always be Md to me. Or Oddest. Oh, what the heck, it’d just be easier to agree with you than get into a long ramble about what your name is. Fine, MD.

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