We Like to Party!

We made an appearance at the MOB party, my father, mother and I. We brought along a member of my (very) extended family for her debut into MOB society (such as it is). Yes, Princess Flickerfeather came, saw, and even claims she had fun! Yay! I’m going to bring her along to trivia some time, I’m sure she’ll kick butt.

We had oodles of fun hanging out with our old peeps like Surly Dave and his Sweeter Half, Stromy and Margaret, and Benny; and I got to meet some new people: Cathy from Cake Eater Chronicles (she’s new to me, anyway), King David and Mocha-momma from the Far Wright (and yes, that name will follow you wherever you go), Andy from Echo Zoe, and one Joe Tucci.

At one point the Princess and I were sitting outside and a guy walks up and says “Hey, Mall Diva! Isn’t it creepy how I’ve been reading your blog all summer and know everything about you, but you don’t know who I am?” I replied that yes, that was creepy and inquired who he was. It was kind of…interesting… to meet Drjonz.

I was sad that Cathy in the Wright didn’t make it, but I guess she was up to her own shenanigans.

All in all, we had a good time.

(You missed out, Kevi.)

5 thoughts on “We Like to Party!

  1. Don’t worry about the stalking Drjonz, he’s harmless. I would, however, keep an eye on Joe Tucci. That guy has trouble written all over him.

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