Lights. Camera. Outrage!

Ok, so it’s day one of my blogging vacation and here I’ve already broken my self-imposed exile. Just because I intended to stop writing, however, doesn’t mean I’ve stopped reading and this post from The Wide Awake Cafe brought me out of my hammock. It contains a link to a series of photos and video images from EU Referendum that show the revealing timeline and backstory behind the famous images from the Qana attack (caution, the photos of the childrens’ bodies are intense).

It is clear that, as we have known, the Israeli attacks killed many civilians. What is illuminated, however, is what we have long suspected: these events, if not deliberately instigated, are enthusiastically manipulated by the likes of the dynamic duo of Green Helmet and White Tee-Shirt Guy with assistance from their gang, The Willing Media in their never-ending quest to score political points.

Sadly, outrageously, the score is being kept by dead bodies. These little girls are dead, perhaps coldly killed by Israeli bombs, but assuredly and cold-bloodedly exploited by the psycho cockroaches of Hizbollah and its patrons who first used these children as human shields and then searched the rubble for the most shocking remains to be paraded bathetically in front of the cameras and then abandoned as indifferently as when they were thrust into the line of fire in the first place.

This story, combined with the news that broke over the weekend of the doctored photos published by Reuters (a story that even CNN couldn’t ignore) is truly depressing. Rather than return to my hammock, I think I may go to my prayer closet instead.

That’s all I’m blogging today. However, for more details on the Reuters scandal see these related stories from Powerline, Michelle Malkin and the blogger credited with exposing the fake photos, Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs (slow loading due to very heavy traffic).

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