Top 10 ways Obi Sium can get the Pioneer Press to mention him

Obi Sium is running for Congress in Minnesota’s Fourth District, a seat currently held by liberal DFLer Betty (I don’t remember the words to the Pledge of Allegiance) McCollum who replaced the late Bruce Vento in the long-time DFL stronghold.

Sium is Eritrean by birth, a U.S. citizen by choice, a civil engineer by profession, and a Republican by philosophy. Oh, and a non-entity by the standards of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, which has ignored his campaign except for a short article back in May that both announced and dismissed his candidacy.

Here then are a list of the top 10 things Obi can do to get the PiPress to cover him:

10. Go bar hopping with Mike Hatch’s daughters.

9. Go cruising with Norm Coleman’s dad.

8. Change his name to Obi Ventoson.

7. Say that the streets of St. Paul were laid out by drunken Irishmen.

6. Get bumper stickers that say, “What would Obi do?”

5. Promise to propose a nationwide smoking ban.

4. Propose raising taxes.

3. Call a press conference to criticize the President or the war.

2. Get Michael Brodkorb at Minnesota Democrats Exposed to mention him — and then wait three months for the PiPress to break the story.

…And the number one way he can get the Pioneer Press to cover him…

1. Call the newspaper and say he is “Obama.”

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